The Dominant High D Personality Style

We all have someone at the workplace or at home who is always leading people around, asking for impossible tasks to be done or seems to never stop, right? Or maybe you have been “accused” of never taking it slow, or being aggressive all the time? All of the mentioned characteristics come from a high D personality style.

It starts with understanding ourselves first, then understanding others and finally adapting our behavior to the personality styles around us. In order to speak the same language, and you want that of course, it’s important to recognize key points of high D personality style: they are outgoing and task-oriented people.

To recognize a high D and understand them better, here are few of behaviors that you will often observe:

DOMINANT: They are bigger than life and they take charge. Reason? They want to be in leadership roles.  They have too many good ideas to just follow someone else.

DIRECT: What comes to their mind, comes out of their mouth. They are not trying to be rude, but they cut to the chase and almost never waste time on any extra words. They’ve got places to be.

DEMANDING: They want what they want, when they want it. That’s the reason you can find them in managerial positions so often. High D’s are visionaries and extremely innovative. Think of Walt Disney, a guy who kept getting knocked down but never stopped until he reached his goal. Not just that, but the world he created is so innovative that there was never anyone else like him. Perfect example of a high D.

DECISIVE: If you could describe them through a phrase, it would be one of these: “Put up or shut up”, “Fish or cut bait”, “Do something or move out of the way”. In the business world, they love to get a return on investment, and they can’t have that if they are not really decisive and brave about making every decision.

DETERMINED: They are huge challenge lovers and love to win. A good example is Bear Grills or contestants of Survivor. They are wired to persevere until they achieve their goal.  Generally speaking, if you want something done, give a high D a challenge and say “I don’t think you can get it done”. This will be the fuel that will push them to not stop, not sleep, not eat until they achieve the goal.

DOER: People who fall into the high D category tick a lot of boxes on a daily basis. They love to get things done during their long days.   Even if you think that’s not a proper way to lead life (getting up before 5am and going to bed after 1am), you have to understand this is their natural habitat and they adore it.

Did someone come to mind while you were reading this? Or you just ticked every box next to this description thinking of your own behavior?

Whatever the answer is, it’s the correct one! The point is to be self–aware and to understand others better.

To understand high D even better, check out my Podcast about this subject to get some practical examples from the high D life and ways on how to communicate with a high D, avoid conflict or how to adapt your high D behavior so that people understand you better.

Find the podcast HERE.

To find out are you a high D, check HERE.

How Do High D Styles Avoid Conflict At Work?

How Do D’s Avoid Conflict At Work?  Are you kidding me?  They embrace conflict.  Their middle name is “debate me now”!! 

(Just kidding High D Styles.  But it’s a fun picture!!)

D’s are outgoing and task oriented.  So in meetings and discussions, they WILL get their opinion heard.  They are comfortable interrupting others and making sure they get their point across.  They see it as very transactional.  They have something to say.  They will say it.  Feelings don’t play any role in the transaction.  It’s just a transfer of information.

They have tons of ideas and need to express them as quickly as possible.  This is usually in a very direct way.  They’re not trying to be jerks, they’re simply speaking with efficiency.  They don’t pull any punches.  

For example, you might send an email that says…”Hey High D Style, did you get the proposal I sent over?  “Yes.”   AND????  Well you didn’t ask them what they thought. 

So in summary, D’s embrace conflict.  For them, there’s nothing wrong with a quick shouting match and then things go back to normal pretty soon after.  To communicate effectively with a D, get to your point quickly and be able to respond quickly.  Keep emotion out of it and stick to the facts.  You’ll dramatically improve your results.  

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