How Do High D Styles Avoid Conflict At Work?

What is your response to conflict

How Do D’s Avoid Conflict At Work?  Are you kidding me?  They embrace conflict.  Their middle name is “debate me now”!! 

(Just kidding High D Styles.  But it’s a fun picture!!)

D’s are outgoing and task oriented.  So in meetings and discussions, they WILL get their opinion heard.  They are comfortable interrupting others and making sure they get their point across.  They see it as very transactional.  They have something to say.  They will say it.  Feelings don’t play any role in the transaction.  It’s just a transfer of information.

They have tons of ideas and need to express them as quickly as possible.  This is usually in a very direct way.  They’re not trying to be jerks, they’re simply speaking with efficiency.  They don’t pull any punches.  

For example, you might send an email that says…”Hey High D Style, did you get the proposal I sent over?  “Yes.”   AND????  Well you didn’t ask them what they thought. 

So in summary, D’s embrace conflict.  For them, there’s nothing wrong with a quick shouting match and then things go back to normal pretty soon after.  To communicate effectively with a D, get to your point quickly and be able to respond quickly.  Keep emotion out of it and stick to the facts.  You’ll dramatically improve your results.  

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