What makes people tick

What Makes You Tick?

Do you know what makes you tick? Have you ever tried to figure out the situations that make you tick? Finding out what your triggers are will help you understand yourself better and allow you to realize what makes other people tick.

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You Are What You Wear

Picking an outfit for a Zoom meeting, or a day at the office might seem easy, but you say a lot about yourself with your clothes,. You are what you wear. And so are others around you. So, you can use work fashion to find out who you are working with really.

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People buy from people (they trust)

People buy from people. Also, people buy from people they trust, and trust is established differently on different sides of the circle. Knowing who you are selling to is key to closing a sale. I can teach you how to adapt to different personalities in a heartbeat.

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Image by bigel94 from Pixabay

Discover the Secrets of Body Language

Non-verbal communication takes up to 93% of all communication. Concentrating on it allows you to avoid miscommunication at work, home, or school. And body language is a great asset there. We’ll discover its secrets and learn how reading it can give you an advantage in communication.

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Five Secrets To Successful Hiring – No.5

You got a new position and you need to fill it fast. What do you do? Do you just grab the first person that wants to come on board? Do you go search among people who just finished college so none snatches them first? No. Big no. Trust. The. Process.

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FREE Emotional Intelligence Mini Course

Did you know that up to 90% of all interpersonal conflict comes from differences in temperament? Are you struggling to understand others? Maybe you want to improve the way you communicate in your personal and professional relationships. 
This free Mini-course will teach you about the different types of temperament, which one you are, and how to determine the temperament of others.