How To Follow a Legend?

If you have a big sales presentation coming up or just a PowerPoint presentation you need to deliver, and someone before you knocks it out of the park: what will you do? If you want to radiate confidence, this blog post is for you!

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Do You Know What Is Your Passion?

Last week I was doing something I was put on this planet to do, something that I’ve been doing for 25 years, something that inspires me and what is my passion. Find out how can you ID your passions and act on them.

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Ways To Avoid Conflict In A Relationship

When we think about our dream relationship, we mostly picture it as having a partner that understands us, encourage us to do what we want to do and a place that gives us serenity and calmness. However, no matter how much we dream, it is impossible to avoid conflict. And not all conflict is bad.

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Black Widow And Its Impact On Your Life

Black Widow movie is out, and it is being watched by millions of people as you read this. With a interesting cast and script that’s no surprise but the way people are watching a new movie is! What does a choice between watching a new movie in theatre or on a streaming service say about a person?

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What is DISC?

The talk about the importance of Emotional Intelligence is especially important these days, and with it the talk about the DISC Method. However, DISC has been around since 400 BC when Hippocrates laid the foundations for it.

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Why Is Your Passion Seen As Anger?

Every one of us has blind spots, but what is dangerous about them is that we ourselves can’t see them. Others have asked you why are you angry when you were communicating your ideas? Find out why that is the case and how you can avoid being misinterpreted.

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