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Do You Know What Is Your Passion?

What is your passions and purpose in life? What is it that drives you? Whatever that is, you need to find that in your life.

For me, my passion is my family and friends. This should not come as a surprise as I am a combination of High I and S personality styles, and S in me is all about relationships in life. I want to support people; I want others to feel good about themselves… From that perspective, I have always had a special place in my life for the camp experience.

As a child, I went to camp many times and had an excellent time there, so naturally, when I became an educator and had to do my summer practice, I choose camp! After switching between a few of them, I found my forever camp in 1997. That camp is Broyhill Leadership Conference.

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Broyhill Leadership Conference is unlike anything that has ever existed or will ever exist. First off,  what kids are learning in this camp is leadership. We teach in a way that is unique; we go from go-setting activities where we teach our students how to set the right goals that really matter, we teach them about better communication skills, cooperation, and teamwork, how to integrate themselves within the clubs that they are serving. That means we talk about Emotional Intelligence issues and the heart of leadership: being there for people when they need you.

The fact is that when any of us comes to an organization, we come with a heavy heart and some issues that we are carrying from previous experiences. And every other person comes with their own experiences. And we must meet people where they are. In Broyhill Leadership Camp we prepare teenagers for that: in a way, we peel the layers of the onion so they can get to know each other better and form lifetime friendships.

What always happens in this camp is we as educators go to the camp to try to inspire these young people, and they end up inspiring us.  Stories they tell, goals they set and dreams they have for one another are fantastic! And they are young people, still at the beginning of their lives and with not much wisdom that we older think we have. But you’d be surprised.

So what’s stopping us from following our passions? Maybe the fact that we don’t know what our passion is?

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Ask yourself: what is my passion? Whatever that is: GO GET IT. Today is not too late to start with whatever your passion is. Just go out there and do it.

Don’t make excuses. Maybe you are in a debt, or in a toxic relationship, maybe you think you are too old… But all those things don’t matter. If you see something that you really want, go get it and do it. We only get one time on this planet so let’s make the most of it.

If you need some help with finding your passion, feel free to take a personality assessment and then I can give you information about career opportunities and things you might want to get involved with based on your personality style that you maybe didn’t even know existed. These assessments are even made for children and teenagers that need so much guidance and it’s the perfect time for them to take one as well. I’d be more than happy to help!

Find out more about Broyhill Leadership Conference and its amazing work here: www.broyhill-leadership.org/

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