The Supportive High S Personality

Do you feel as if some people in your organization do a lot of work and carry the teamwork but don’t get enough recognition? And the reason for that is that they don’t mind doing the work and don’t like to be put in the limelight? Chances are, that excellent team member is a High S personality.

A high S is typically reserved, and people oriented.
Very good examples of that kind of behavior and people who lived their High S personality style to the fullest are Andy Griffith and Mother Teresa.

Wonderful thoughts for a nation, society and the world. How much better would the world be if we all lived these words?

High S personality style has some really remarkable characteristics. Let’s see some of the key ones:

Supportive – High S personality style will make great sacrifices and most of the time, as I mentioned, will not want and limelight. In a group, they will do whatever is needed to show that they are a part of a group. They will also make sure that the recognition goes where it should. So for example, as I am a High I and a High S, this latter part of my personality will make me do the survey when someone asks me to. Not because I will get a reward for doing it, but because I honestly think that a certain employee of a company is doing a great job and I want hers or his manager to know that.

Steady – High S is a glue of every organization. They make things happen but in subtle ways, and you can expect a lot of work but no drama from them. This steadiness comes from their loyalty, whether its is to their colleagues, friends or partners. Also, you can expect their behavior to be steady; they are typically positive people but are never too high or too low.

Sincere – a High S cares very, very deeply. It can be anything that they are passionate about, but they will be loyal to that group or a cause and will protect it if needed.

Sentimental – As a High S I cried during the movie “Tango”. Who does that?!

Status Quo – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a life motto of any High s personality. They do not like to rock the boat or to make any changes.

If you recognize yourself in these characteristics and you are starting to realize you are a High S, I would like to throw in another S word that can describe you, and you do not want it. The word is a sucker. Since you have a very hard time saying no to people, they can sometimes use it. I.e., if you are working in an HR department, be mindful that if you are easily pushed into saying Yes to employees demands of any sort, that could get you into a position where people ask more and more from you just because they know you will always approve the request.

Great position for a High S would be a poker player. Well not exactly, but this is what one of key traits of a High S personality could be used for. In conflict a High S will withdraw and have a response that is lacking emotions, a typical Poker face. But this is just the outside, because while the face makes no change, the mind is on a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts and questions.

One of the reasons for this lies in the fact that a High S personality style likes peace and harmony. That is a huge thing for a High S, so they tend to be more agreeable than other personality styles.

It is important to note that High S personality style also really likes to stay the same. This can be useful for real estate agents. If you are one and you can identify a High S buyer, try mentioning all the positive features of their current house that are similar to the new one and the sale will be easier to make.

Being a High S personality means also wanting to be accepted, to be a part of a group. This can be very tricky at a young age (parents of a High S, watch out for this!) and I know it well. As a High S, I was struggling with this in my youth. But I have also shown some other High S characteristics like being very sincere. Even in the event when I saved a squirrel and had a very dramatic visit to the veterinarian. I don’t own a squirrel nor I ever did, but the whole story is hilarious from today’s standpoint. Hear the story and more about a High S personality style in my Podcast or visit my YouTube channel for the video.

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