How Does Self Awareness Help You Achieve Career Success

Definition of a perfect job and success is a very subjective definition. You have probably unintentionally had an image in your head at the moment you read the word “success” and the amazing thing is that I have an image of success as well while writing these lines. Do we see the same thing? Absolutely not.

The reason for that is that we all have are own wishes, dreams, sources of good feeling, atmospheres where we feel energetic, useful, loved, respected… We all have our own personality style. And to achieve career success you have to know which style makes you: you.

To figure out where do we fit in the grand scheme of jobs, economics, and entrepreneurialism, we need to figure out WHO we are.

To be more exact, it is crucial to know are you a people person or are you more task oriented, are you outgoing or are you more reserved. If you want to achieve career success, whatever you find success to be, you will want to follow these three steps:

1.  Know your environment

Knowing will you be isolated or work remotely or will you be surrounded by a lot of colleagues can help you enormously. If you are a D or a C personality type and you will be working in a cubicle or from your home office where no one interrupts you, you can be sure that you will be successful in your job. However, if you are a I or an S personality style you won’t be happy in that cubicle. You need people they give you energy and in order to be successful you should look for a position that allows you to interact with others. The point is to find a place where you won’t have to adapt all the time to what surrounds you, because if you do that all the time, you will be miserable. And no one wants that.

2.  Know the personality style of your boss

This is the key to career success. If you understand your boss and why he or she is doing things in a certain way, you will be able to better answer their questions and needs and it will be easier to get that promotion. Here are just a few examples:

If your boss is a D personality style, he or she will be direct and if you don’t give them that directness back, they will see it as a sign of weakness.

Having an I personality style for a boss means you will need to give them energy, show them passion and you will be leading that project you’ve been wanting, because they will feel as they have influenced you and that’s what I style is after.

If your boss is a great listener, probably they are a S personality style. That means that they care of welfare of others, so to succeed with them, you will want to focus on the impact on the team and effect on people when you are presenting a project.

Lastly, if your boss is a C personality style, they are very analytical. So, keep it down to the facts and nothing more. And make sure to give them some time to think over what you told them before you ask them what they want your next step to be.

3. Understand what you’re willing to sacrifice

Whatever you see as a sacrifice, you have to figure out how far are you willing to go with it to achieve success. Sacrifice for you can be anything from time away from family to money, and it is crucial to know what your limits are and what you do not want to sacrifice.

And the most important thing: stop comparing what success looks like to you and what does it look like for others! Every style has its own definition and so do you. And to find that path that will lead you to your success having that self-awareness and knowing which style is yours is crucial.

You can get an idea of your style in this video, along with a practical example of how a DISC assessment looks like when it’s done on someone. I promise you; you will learn a lot.

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