The Cautious High C Personality

Accountants, scientists, philosophers… all the deep thinkers and innovators carry a C personality in themselves. Being a high C personality means that you dislike interruptions and triviality, but you always look at the big picture and give out ideas.

High C or Cautious personality style is characterized by being:

Cautious: High C personality stye will always measure twice and cut once. So if you have a project in your company that you need done right, your best bet is to give it to the High C.

Conscientious: Being on time, every time is a way of life that a High C enjoys. They are not willing to waste time and can be described as extremely punctual.   

Competent: They are the brains behind any operation, and they keep everyone else on their toes. A High C will make sure they do the research to know the facts, prepare everything and present it to anyone at any workplace. Additionally, it is good to give a High C a lot of details about a task before they start working on it, as details and clear instructions provide comfort for High C’s.

Contemplative: When faced with an issue, you can expect a High C to look inwards for ideas and answers to problems or ideas. Being there for them but letting them find a solution for whatever they are facing is the best way to deal with a High C.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described the though process of a High C perfectly.

Correct: Not only do the High C personality styles love to be right, but they must be right. Since they love getting into details, they will check all the available resources to make sure they are 100 per cent right all the time. That’s also the reason why is it so hard for a High C to apologize, because they are just “always right”.

Consistent: High C personality style is very consistent in terms of producing good quality details for every situation. That means that if you are in a relationship with a High C personality, you don’t have to worry that they will not be sure even where to eat and what to eat; their mind is made up before they ever enter the restaurant.   

All the characteristics mentioned are certainly desirable in work or private relationship, but as always: there is a downside to being a High C. Being so much into details and tasks at hand can make a High C seam cold. Since they like to end all their tasks that they have in a day, to do so they sometimes see people around them as an obstacle to getting things done. If you are a High C, you need to be careful not to be portrayed as cold and take more notice of people that surround you.

Every personality style has it’s likes and dislikes, and in order to know how to communicate better between us, it is good to know what those are. If you recognize a High C in your home or at work, keep in mind what are the things they like:

  • To be right
  • To know what is expected of them
  • Clear instructions
  • An established pattern
  • Making lists and finishing what they start
  • Organizing things.

Having a High C personality at your workplace or at home will help you have a more organized life and/or tasks, however, it is important to remember that you will need to have details laid out for them. They are highly logical and need to understand why something is being done at all. But once they see the logic and take the task into their own hands, be sure you have nothing to worry about anymore. These reserved and task-oriented folks will ask a lot of questions, but they are all worth it.

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