The DISC Sales Model: Understanding I Type Personalities

DISC Model

This entry is the second of a four part series that will briefly describe each primary personality type in the DISC Model of Human Behavior.  Remember, that everyone is a unique combination of all four types.  That’s what makes you, you!  Today look at understanding  the“I” type personality.  


My four year old daughter, Phoebe, is in her car seat laughing hysterically. She has a fistful my 6 year old daughter’s hair.  The 6 year old is not very excited about the situation.  My wife looks up in the mirror and says,

“Phoebe!  Let go of her hair right now.”

Phoebe says back with a big smile, “Nope!  Not today freaks!!!”  Everyone in the car burst into laughter.  That was the running joke all the way home.

I type personalities have a natural way of making others feel comfortable, getting people to smile, and overall just enjoy life to the fullest.  Now the real question is: Where did she learn that phrase?  Answer: Her High I type father of course!! 🙂


Here are 5 words or phrases that describe people that are a “High I”:






Interested In People

They are outgoing and people-oriented.  If you’re unsure about how those two terms work together, you can read more about that here.

I’s will light up the room just by walking in the door.  They have never met a stranger.  They are full of enthusiasm and fun.  Under control, they are spontaneous, expressive, and friendly.  However, when they are out of control they can be emotional, unfocused, and lack direction.  The highlight of their day is making someone else laugh or smile.  They make great teachers, actors, and public speakers.

When they communicate they use expressive tones with a lot of inflection.  They love to tell stories and anecdotes.  They are usually poised and charming.  They can be easily distracted by their surroundings.  They love to have fun.  They don’t ask, “Where’s the party?”  They ARE the party!

Their motto is:  Ready, Aim, now wait just a second!  Can’t we talk about this?

They represent about 25-30% of the population.

In summary, I’s in the workplace or your family are going to be big personalities that are fun to be around.  To get them to respond, give them a way to have fun while they are doing what you ask.  I’s will help you and those around you loosen up and enjoy more experiences together!


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