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The DISC Sales Model: Understanding C Type Personalities

DISC Model


This entry is the fourth of a four part series that will briefly describe each primary personality type in the DISC Model of Human Behavior.  Remember, that everyone is a unique combination of all four types.  That’s what makes you, you!  Today look at understanding “C” type personalities.  

I’m sure you seen toddlers asking their parents questions.  Of course their favorite question is…..”WHY?”  

“Please don’t play with that bug.”


“Because bugs are dirty.”


“Because they live on the ground.”


“Because that’s the way God made them.”

“Why?”  It becomes comical to the observer but probably not for the parents after a while.  Fast forward a few years and the adult versions of those little ones are still asking , “Why?”  However, they are now asking “why” as engineers, doctors, and philosophers.  

Here are 5 phrases that describe people that are a “High C” type:









A “High C” is reserved and task-oriented.  If you’re unsure about how those two terms work together, you can read more about that here.

C’s are usually the last person to speak in a discussion.  Their brains are always figuring out the rationale behind a project.  They are the epitome of “measure twice, cut once.”  They are critical thinkers and are gifted at analytics and details.  They are all about consistency and rarely accept mediocrity.  They are committed to excellent work and can be a perfectionist.  The highlight of their day is finishing the last item on their “to do” list.  They make great accountants, architects, and attorneys.  

When they communicate they use a monotone delivery and “thinking” words.  They will often ask clarifying questions, seeking out more information before they give an opinion.  They are the procedure police and will make sure people are following the rules.  They are great at seeing the “big picture.”


Their motto is:  Ready, Aim, Aim….

They represent about 20-25% of the population.


In summary, C’s in the workplace or your family are going to be the quiet thinkers.  To get them to respond, provide the why behind the activity or project to increase their buy-in.  C’s are an organization’s innovators.  Thank them for helping us from plunging into anarchy!! 🙂

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