Why Is It Crucial To Know Who Inspires Others?

Has it happened to you that you meet someone and become interested in them but you can’t figure out what kind of person they are? Or you’d like to know who your new office colleague is, but can’t find a way to find more about them?

In all those life situations where you want or need to know what kind of personality someone has, there is a solution. You can, of course, get some information by observing their body language, but you can also ask a question. This question sounds very simple, but it will give you a lot of information about someone you talk to, and it’s: Who inspires you?

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The answer to this question goes into the inner part of someone’s personality and it will give you quite a lot of information. Here is how to read the answer:

High D will mention someone who has accomplished great things, who has set goals, and who achieved a lot. They will most likely mention someone who is extremely well known in their field, like i.e. Elon Musk: determined, driven, creative, cutting edge person.

High I will look up to someone who inspires others. It can be someone like Martin Luther King Jr. who inspired a whole nation, or someone like Robin Williams who inspired a population of comedians. But it will always be someone who had an impact on those around them.

High S as a supportive type will look up to someone who is doing a lot for others. You can expect an answer such as Mother Theresa who was very selfless and serving those who have not been blessed with an easy life. Also, they might mention someone like Matt Damon who is very dedicated to providing consumable water to all parts of the world.

High C will admire thinkers, people who have broken the boundaries of what we thought is possible. They will mention people who have gone above and beyond in the scientific or logical field and changed the world, so expect names like Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, or even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

It is worth remembering that there is always a possibility a person will mention someone from their personal life (parent, sibling, grandparent), but you can always ask a follow-up question. Just ask them why is that person so inspiring and you can find out more.

The best “trick” about the question “Who inspires you?” is that is something you can ask in a general conversation without being intrusive, and you will easily get a more detailed insight about who a person is and what are their priorities.

While a person is answering, keep in mind that D’s are about achievement, I’s are about fun and inspiration, S’s are supportive and think about others and C’s are high-level critical thinkers.

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Try out this question today and peel back some layers from a person you want to know more about so you can communicate more effectively. Then once you already establish some kind of relationship with them, you can point them towards a DISC Assessment that will give them and you (if they choose to share the information with you) very detailed data about the type of personality style they belong to.

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