Is It Possible to Be More Than One Personality Style

There are all kind of great tools out there to understand human behavior (such as culture index, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, StrenghtsFinders test, etc.) but we are concentrating on DISC method here, where you find does your personality belong to D, I, S or C personality style. (The easiest way to learn more about each type is to check the highlighted posts in the sidebar on the right)

Since there are four personality styles: D, I, S and C, it is important to know we are all a unique blend of all four!

That means that a person can never be fully one personality style, because the others will appear in certain amounts as well. How big or small is a different question, but they will always be there.

What DISC Assessment asks you to do is to choose the most or least out of the group of words. It is not uncommon that if you are a strong mix of two or three personality styles, you need to stop and think about what you will choose. Sometimes people can’t continue to the next question of assessment since they are conflicted. And that conflict comes from the fact that they are being pulled to the high areas of each DISC model. If that happens, that kind of person will have most of their traits between 40 and 60 (if we’re looking at a scale of 0 to a 100). So, they are not really intense in any of personality styles, but there will be a high amount of two or three of them and that will create a conflict.

Having more personality styles as your high ones is not a bad thing. The reason is, this also means that you have fewer blind spots, you are closer to the centre of the DISC graph, so your emotional intelligence is going to be higher than someone who has blind spots that come from having only one exceedingly high personality style.

What is good to remember is that there are no right or wrong answers in assessment questions and equally, there is no right or wrong personality style. We are all blend of these 4 traits and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I suggest you look at the more detailed posts about each personality type in the sidebar and then take an assessment to see where you are on the graph. I can guarantee you will get six pages of great data that will help you better understand yourself. Because if you understand yourself, you will be able to adapt your behavior to meet others where they are and that will significantly reduce conflicts and misunderstandings in your life. Read the posts and then click on the Store in the Menu to find the right assessment for you.      

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