I want to give the PERFECT gift

Christmas is only a few days away and we’re all looking forward to presents! Not only receiving some, but one of the best feelings in the world is when someone opens up something you got them and the smile lights up their face. However, we have all given gifts that have fallen flat. To not repeat that experience, we have created a guide of best gifts by personality style. You can choose from experiences, things to do or things to buy. Here is what is appropriate to buy for different personality types so you hit the home run this holiday season:

High D personality

They are outgoing and task-oriented people. They plan to sleep only when they are dead, they love challenges and have never met an obstacle they couldn’t overcome. They are all about performance and things that will show how they succeeded in life.

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Experiences: Has to be something that will be competitive so they can show how well they are performing in an activity. Great choices are:

  • Putt-Putt Challenge (with the family)
  • Paintball (one of the safest sports out there, get it for your partner and their friends)
  • Ninja Warrior Training or introduction classes to some kind of training (if they are already physically active)
  • Things they can do: High D’s are always looking for something they can do so this will be an excellent choice
  • Tickets to a favorite sporting event (it’s the season of hockey, playoffs of football season is coming up…)
  • Escape room

Things to buy or make:

  • Tools (they like to create things and do it DIY style)
  • Competitive games – board games (I am a board game nerd and have hundreds of them and can help you out a lot there!)
  • Paper football tournament with your family (take them down the memory lane! If you need some help, HERE’S a tutorial how to create it)

High I personality

These folks are outgoing and people-oriented. They will talk to anyone, they are optimistic and enthusiastic, charismatic and they love to inspire people. So when you think of gifts for a High I, think: what will make them laugh?

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Experiences: preferably plan something outside and most importantly: it has to be packed with fun!

  • Ax Throwing (it will create laughs and long-lasting memories)
  • Karaoke Night (you can find a lot of tracks on YouTube and have a fun family night)
  • Comedy tickets or Improv night at home (remember: whatever is going to generate fun and laughter is the way to go

Things they can do: Again, these are things they can have FUN with!

Party Game night

  • Indoor scavenger hunt (they like surprises so you can do it for free and hide smaller gifts around the house giving them clues so they can search around)
  • Surprise weekend getaway (anything that escapes the regular life; even if it’s a trip an hour away from home or simple thing like waterpark tickets)

Things to buy or make:

  • Tortilla blanket (If you don’t know what it is, HERE it is) Personalized socks with their face on them Funny sayings on glasses or mugs (I spotted one a few days ago and have to share it. It said: “I’m not slurring my speech; I’m speaking in cursive”)

High S personality

These are your reserved and people-oriented people. They don’t want to be in the spot but get energy by being around people. So, the key is to get them something that will involve other people, but in a low-key kind of way.

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  • 2 tickets for a movie (with a good friend or a partner)
  • Date night in the house (if you cook for them and they will appreciate it tremendously)

Things to buy or make: remember to make it PERSONAL

  • Framed photos or collages with friends and family
  • Cozy throw blanket or scarf personalized with their initials
  • Shelf decor with sweet sayings (“Home is where the heart is” and such. They will love it!)
  • Donation in his/her name to his/her favorite charity or hospital (they are really cause-driven so unlike many others, they will be over the Moon with this gift)

High C personality

What we have here are people who are reserved and task-oriented. They love analytics and data because they are very logical. So, when choosing a gift, look for logic.

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  • Photography class
  • Master class on their favorite hobby

Things to buy or make:  think “what is practical?” and you’ll hit a home run.

May you pick the perfect gift and have the loveliest of Christmases! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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