Avoiding conflict at work by simply working (High C personality)

More or less everyone needs to have a job and earn money. Work gets you access to money, and we all need money to survive from day to day. But it’s not so easy for everyone to have that in mind eight hours a day and dedicate every moment to actual work.

However, there are employees who do that: they come to work to: work. That’s why they are there and that’s what they want to do. These employees are a beloved C personality type.

High C personality types will come to work early, clock in, sit down with their noise-cancelling headphones on and they will start and finish only when they need to clock out.

No time for chit-chat with a High C personality

High C personality types don’t mind doing any work, but only until there is a justification or rationalization for it. That means that they want to and need to know the scale of the scope. What is it that I’m trying to do? What is step one, all the way down to step 10? And why are we doing this piece of the process? And then why are we doing this next? Why are we doing this after that? All of those questions run around in the mind of a high C.

If the questions are not met with a specific answer, that’s when they will experience conflict. They will be frozen because it makes no logical sense for them to do the task.

Important step to take when a perfectionist (what a high C is!) is part of your team is to outline all the steps that they need to do. Or if they are new to the team, to outline everything they will be doing on a daily basis or what skills and knowledge will they need to use.

High C personality types really need to have clear directions, clear instructions to be able to thrive in an environment. Let them know the scope of the activities they’re going to be involved with on a daily basis, and you’re going to see high performance from those folks!

Find out more about conflict avoidance at the workplace on my Podcast HERE or watch a video on my YouTube channel.

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