Client Succes

Absolutely fantastic! Everything actionable and implementable. I love your energy. So engaging. Great job!

Everything was detailed and engaging. This will help me in both my personal and professional life.

Becky Steele, CEO, Outdoor Elements

Very entertaining and energetic presentation. Great reminder that people are different and motivational factors vary.

Drew S, CEO

A wonderful application of DISC. I’ve heard DISC presentations a few times now and this is my favorite, AND WILL STICK!

Jill Howe, Nidec Minster

Dynamic speaker that can deliver the message in an engaging manner. I really enjoyed it. Absolutely fantastic. Everything actionable and implementable. I love your energy. So engaging. Great job!

S.O., Parks Chevrolet

Took a topic that was of great interest to me and turned it up to “11”. Very interesting and insightful. Absolutely no critiques- even the music kicked!!

A.N., Nidec Minster

Tremendous takeaway value. I would recommend every leader hear Alex’s workshop.

Matt Lauth, CEO, SX Advisors

Very thought provoking. Sharpens focus on EI awareness and how to manage who I am.

David Lincoln, CEO: Fantastic

Very informative and beneficial learning process. I would recommend this learning experience to any organization that wants a better understanding of its people.

Rodney V, AAAE

I really liked the SIMPLICITY. These things can become very tedious. Your presentation was just the right mix of technical and practical.

Drew Watson, Your EVP

I really enjoyed your presentation. The energy and applicability to my day-to-day dealings was fantastic. I found myself thinking about current relationships in my business that I have communication issues with and I plan to begin to “adapt” in my future interactions to get winning outcomes.

Ric Lacey, CEO TechLine Mfg

Concise Adult Version

This 6-page report provides essential feedback with an accurate measurement of your personality blend. Your report will include the following:

  • Words that describe you
  • Your strengths
  • Keys to Excellence
  • Your value on a team
  • Your DISC personality graphs